Thursday, December 29, 2016

Craft Ideas for Teen Programming

Let's talk about New Year's craft ideas for teen programming! 

If you are in need of some craft ideas for January, look no further. January is a great time for winter-related programs, and of course, for programs that focus on new ideas and new beginnings. For the programs below, I wanted to highlight January as a time for teens to get creative and try new things. I was also inspired by the colors black, white and gold — colors that for me, represent the chilly, glamorous celebratory vibe of New Year's Eve celebrations.

 Here are some very awesome crafts programs that you can try out at your library in January!

Silhouette clipboard: Turn a plain clipboard into a fantastic, golden gem with this DIY tutorial.

Black and gold Sharpie journals: These journals are stylish, and the gold is so inviting. Teens can record their thoughts throughout the year, and they also make great gifts for their friends.

Infinity scarves: Follow this excellent YouTube tutorial to make a simple infinity scarf on a loom. Teens will love it!

Gold glitter dots: All that is gold really does glitter! Try some of these dot crafts that are so perfect for January.

Coastal magnets: I love these magnets; the colors are all so gorgeous. You can use nautical images or come up with images of your own.

Tune in next month, for creative ideas for Valentine's Day programs or should I say Anti-Valentine's Day programs? Forget the hearts and flowers. I will offer up some edgier crafts and activities that teens will love.

See you next month!

Mrs. Librarian Lady

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