Friday, August 16, 2013

The Hunt is On!

This book is totally amazing! You can't help but love Jasper Dent in his plight to not become a serial killer just like his father. Jasper or Jazz as his friends call him has a keen sense of what makes a serial killer tick because his father taught him everything he knows. However, Jazz likes to mix things up by instead trying to catch a serial killer in his own home town. As things heat up, Jazz realizes that this sneaky new serial killer is actually copying his own father's nasty work. Jazz and his friend Howie work together as a well oiled machine to try and stop the horrible chain of events from unfolding. Barry Lyga has created a whole world that I never even thought existed in this incredibly exciting story of a young man struggling to find his self and break free from his father's cruel hold on him. You must read this book to find out what happens!