Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mysterious Bites

Kerry has a soft spot for underlings in need of help and it's just her luck that the one that she feels sorry for happens to be a vampire. After she saves the really good looking Ethan she finds out that he actually is a vampire but it's too late because something awful has happened to her family and she has to join forces with Ethan to find her way back to her family and back to the life that she had before the vampire slayers started wrecking havoc in her town. This book is full of excitement and adventure and in the end you might have a little soft spot for Ethan as well. There are definite similarities to the Bella and Edward's relationship except that Ethan is much more mysterious and a little more vampy too. Vampire lovers will adore this fast-paced novel that will absolutley leave them wanting more.

Katniss Kicks It

In a futuristic world, food has become scarce and those who want to eat will pay dearly for it. 14 year-old Katniss Everdeen has been hungry all her life and has forced herself to learn how to be a skilled hunter and forager for food. She has hardened herself to the world and only fears for her younger sister and mother's safety. In order to save her sister, Kantniss steps in her as her replacement in the violent and sadistic Hunger Games in which teens are subjected to fight to the death as entertainment for the world. Katniss has the desire and the will to win, but there will be other obstacles in her way that she never even considered. She will have to out think everyone and trust no one as she fights and puts on the show of her life. Collins has created a world that is enigmatic and horrific at the same time. If has flairs of American Idol and American Gladiator and is utterly captivating. Hunger Games fans can continue to ride the wave of survival with Katniss in Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy

Elizabeth Rue gave up her shoes and has a real nose for magic. If that doesn't rhyme that's ok because there's plenty more rhymes in this magical mystery. Elizabeth is not so popular and mostly keeps to herself until her social studies professor recommends her as a page at the New York Circulating Material Repository downtown that let's borrowers check out magical objects for a short loan period. She is interested in the Grimm collection, which houses all of the magical objects that we've heard about in fairy tales. There is a dark side to working in the repository because there is a gigantic bird kidnapping pages and someone is stealing the magic from the objects in the Grimm collection. Elizabeth and her friends must find out who is behind the thefts and at the same time take insults from Snow White's stepmother's mirror, which is truly not big on compliments. She has no idea who to trust and who is on her side, but she does have a sense of smell and that can lead her to the magical objects she needs to help her find out the truth. Shulman creates a magical world that is a step beyond the mundane and keeps the magic fresh by adding friendship, kindness, and love.