Friday, June 18, 2010

The Soreceress Fights Back!

In this third book of Michael Scott’s series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Josh, Sophie and Nicholas Flamel are on the run again. This time they are in London and they are ready for a fight. John Dee is up to his same old tricks trying to catch the twins, but this time he doesn’t know what he’s up against. They are picked up and guarded by Palamedes the Saracen Knight who is indeed a true ally. Meanwhile, back on Alcatraz Perenelle is making headway with her ancient and giant spider friend on her side now. Flamel runs into an old adversary who just happens to be the incredibly famous William Shakespeare. The two make amends and Shakespeare turns out to be an outstanding ally.

The twins and Flamel are holed up at an old junkyard trying to contact Perenelle on Alcatraz. They finally get through with an old scrying trick that Shakespeare helps with. Perenelle is in grave danger and about to be eaten by some very ugly creatures. So Flamel, Josh and Sophie all send their aura power to her – all at one time! Perenelle is not so thankful because this alerts the Sphinx to her whereabouts. And she really doesn’t want that kind of company at all. What’s amazing is that all of that aura power makes Perenelle stronger than ever and she is able to defeat the Sphinx at least for a while.

Over in France, Machiavelli is making plans to go to Alcatraz to finally finish off Perenelle. He’s hired Billy the Kid to watch her from afar and to fill him in on anything that is essential to know. What Billy doesn’t know is that after Perenelle defeated the Morrigan, she actually died and her two other sister Macha and Badb were able to become free from her grasp- even though they are all in the same body. Perenelle was able to strike a deal with the two and they became her allies too.

Back in London again there is real horror on the loose. This really ancient and old creepy guy by the name of Cernunnos is out to get the twins and Flamel. He also very angry and wants his sword Clarent back. Dee thinks this is great and wants to join in on the party. But Sophie lights a big fire and Cernunnos is stopped but not killed. And of course, there is always a getaway car and the gang always gets away! They are headed to find the King called Gilgamesh and then to Stonehenge.

To wrap this all up, Gilgamesh is crazy, but he gives the twins the power of water. Flamel is aging rapidly and running out of steam, Cernunnos comes back and tries to get Clarent but he doesn’t get it, Dee does! He puts Clarent and Excalibur together and got a new sword. Perenelle gets of the Rock, and the twins and Flamel make it to Stonehenge and then back to San Francisco. Wow that’s a lot of moving and grooving! Michael Scott has a talent for weaving a great story and with all of the dynamic characters this one keeps your attention. It’s nice to read about the familiar places such as Alcatraz and Mt. Tamalpais. In the end, the twins have gone home, but what will happen next, you just never know? Could Dee come back to haunt them with Clarent in hand? Or maybe he’ll be able to lure Josh away with his new sword. Dee has a plan and he’s not giving up until he has succeeded and the dark elders have taken over the world. Find out in the next book The Necromancer, which just came out on May 25, 2010.